About the geothermal investment

The aim of the project is to execute the investment to construct and connect a new geothermal heat plant to the existing, primary district heating network, using renewable geothermal energy, to fulfil heating demands, which will involve drilling of wells, implementation of pipelines and auxiliary equipment and buildings.

The process
The geothermal fluid will be harvested by a couple of production wells with 20-30 l/s flow rate per well. The geothermal gradient around Kecskemét is 44°C/km. According to the expected yield and the calculated bottom hole temperature, 90-100 °C outflow temperature is a reasonable assumption for a production well from 2300-2500m depth range. After the heat exchange, the geothermal fluid will be injected by six re-injection wells into the same aquifer where the production layer is. Employing a geothermal heat exchanger, the lines will be connected to the return side of the primary loop. Therefore, the gas power plants will be able to fulfil any heating demands beyond the capacity of the geothermal system.

Results to be achieved following the investment

  • Reduction of heating prices for citizens by 15 – 20 % compared to today natural gas prices
  • Expansion of the district heating system to additional private and industrial users
  • Replacement of imported fossil fuel energy resources by locally available renewable geothermal energy
  • Significant reduction in carbon-dioxide emission