Welcome to the project aiming at the geothermal transformation of the heating system in Kecskemét

In early 2013, an European Commission grant was awarded to the City of Kecskemét, EU-FIRE Kft. and Kecskeméti Termálrendszer Beruházó Kft. in the framework of Intelligent Energy Europe -Mobilising Local Energy Investment programme for the preparatory works necessary for geothermal transformation of the city district heating system (contract number: IEE/12/064).


Why we do this
The aim of this project is to legally and technically elaborate the planned investment aiming to utilize local geothermal resources for the city district heating system.
Total budget of the awarded grant is 379,295 Euro, of which 75 % is financed by the European Union.
Duration of the project: 21/03/2013 - 20/03/2016.


What is it about
During the 36 months long preparatory project started in spring 2013, the geothermal potential of the city of Kecskemét and its surroundings, the possibilities of re-injection of abstracted hot water in the area, as well as layout options of the system implementation have been appraised by a detailed feasibility study.
Additionally, design plans have been prepared and licenses and permits related to the later investment have been obtained.
At last, a business plan has been developed, providing financial guidance for the investment.


Results achieved by the GeoKec project
Elaboration necessary planning documents and obtaining licenses for the investment.

Based on the developed bankable financial model and business plan the financial resources have been identified, the project financial model has been developed making the project financially transparent for the decision makers and stakeholders.


Downloadable documents
Agreements with the Municipality
Preparation documents for the technical implementation of the project
Informing the public about the planned geothermal project
Final Publishable Project Report
Flowchart of the geothermal project

The IEE project ended in June 2016

achieving the following main results:

  • Feasibility Study
  • Financial and professional investment agreements, contracts
  • Detailed business plan for the implementation of the project
  • Necessary licencing

As a summary we can establish, that the targets of the GeoKec project have been reached, the work done during the project ensures the feasibility of the later investment project.

Further steps

After the end of the project the implementation phase of the investment project begins:

  • implementation of the 1., 2. and 3. project phases
  • complete extension and actuation of the project
  • long term operation of the system